Physical Culture 100% cotton workout shirt for men

Physical Culturist

Normal fit
Classic cut t-shirt for men, 95% cotton/5% viscose.




Physical Culture T-shirt size guide up to 5XLPhysical Culturist. You don’t fit in a neat fitness category, they don’t televise your competitions on ESPN. You don’t get tons of likes on Instagram.  Man or woman, you are a unique athlete.
In fact, they’ll call you crazy when they see your training. Say that you’re going to hurt yourself. Because you dare what they don’t. Because you know the truth. The truth that bodybuilding used to be about more than posing on stage, lifting competitions included more than two or three events and strongman was something done in every city night after night challenging all comers to equal or best you as you displayed superhuman feats. All this while training gymnastics on the beach while holding all of your friends balanced on your shoulders.
That’s what being a physical culturist means. It’s your link to a tradition that stretches back to Sandow, Saxon, Steinborn and Klein. Declare your membership with this shirt or the Ladies Physical Culture Tank.

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