location is important for a gym

Location, Location, Location by John Greaves III

Location can mean a storage unitLocation doesn’t matter until it does

A prime location for a garage training facility has to be inexpensive, accessible, and convenient.  Some storage units meet all of these requirements with just a little tweaking. I had a conversation in 2016 with two gentleman who were thinking about starting up their own garage gym. The problem was they didn’t have access to a house with a basement or car port that would serve their needs. My suggestion to them was simple: rent a storage facility.

Storage facilities work because

  • don’t charge a great deal
  • have security of some sort so that somebody’s watching over your stuff when you’re not there
  • if you are the unit owner you have almost unlimited access.

Granted this wouldn’t work if you plan on something extravagant

But for somebody who just needs to put in a power rack or squat stands, a bench and some dumbbells or kettle bells it’s perfect. You can either lift inside there if you put mats down or store equipment inside in the unit and take out only what you need and train right in front of it. That second option depends on the rules of the facility where you’re going to store your equipment.

my second home gym location was a small shedAs for space

My second home gym was in a small shed no bigger than a storage unit. Worked out just fine and made me more efficient because I didn’t have a bunch of nonessential stuff cluttering up the space.

One final thought:

You need to make sure that the facility’s  insurance doesn’t prevent you from training on the premises, but I’d say that this is probably a pretty viable option for those of you who live in apartment complexes or condominiums.

John Greaves III
John Greaves III has written for several print and online publications. He is the founder of Garage Gym Life and has authored two fiction books involving powerlifting both of which are available on Amazon.com. John is a record holding Masters powerlifter, a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a former Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor and was a silver medalist at the 2001 International Kickboxing Federation National Championships. He is constantly seeking out interesting people who have rejected an average life in favor of building an extraordinary legacy. John’s been training for twenty-three years and from a garage gym for sixteen.

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