John Greaves III – physical culture/powerlifting/martial artsJohn and Naomi Greaves at the Savage Race wearing Garage Gym Life

  • John Greaves III has written for several online and print publications. John trains as a physical culturist and has competed successfully in amateur kickboxing and powerlifting.  In 2000 John left the small commercial gym where he worked and began exercising at the foot of his bed with two 70lb dumbbells. He later moved it into a shed and finally into a small garage.  His current focus is on building the Garage Gym Life brand and using whatever tools are necessary to make himself faster, stronger and more durable for decades to come!

Naomi Greaves CFO

Naomi Greaves has a background in import/exports shipping and is a former franchise store manager for an international weight loss chain.  She’s competed in the Athleta Iron Girl, the Savage Race, the Sports Barn Sprint Tri, and multiple 5k races.

Two Different Approaches to Fitness – One Unifying Goal

Garage Gym Life has multiple fitness goals under one umbrella and that concept grew out of the multiple workout sessions in their garage where John and Naomi were encouraging each other as they trained towards their separate goals. Their dream of a global version of the supportive environment they built in their garage gym has been realized as Garage Gym Life, LLC.