How we started Garage Gym Life Apparel

John and Naomi Greaves representing Garage Gym Life at an Obstacle Course Race

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Always wish you had garage gym related apparel and accessories? Me too!  I wasn’t sure originally about selling merchandise.  My dream is to be a full time writer not a shopkeeper.  But I kept getting these cool designs for shirts in my head and once I realized that selling products would help offset the cost of running this blog I decided to go for it.  Every piece has been designed by me in collaboration with my lovely wife, Naomi and then beta tested with the help of our loyal customers in the Garage Gym Life VIP Hangout. I say without hesitation that I am very proud of what we sell through Garage Gym Life.

Our Pledge To You

We realize how hard you work for your money and we’re grateful to each of you who chooses to spend any portion of it on Garage Gym Life merchandise.  My wife and I are proud of what we have  hope you’ll be proud to wear it. You’ve got our pledge that we’ll never sell anything for the sake of selling it or put up anything for sale that we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

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Thank you for your continued support,

John Greaves III and Naomi Harris Greaves, founders Garage Gym Life, LLC