Garage Gym Life Mission is all over the logoThe Garage Gym Life Mission

The Garage Gym Life mission is to promote athletes who pursue their strength and physique goals right where they live. Unlike other brands that focus on the sport or fitness activity you choose, we seek to encourage all forms of exercise that people do from home.  It doesn’t matter if you train on the latest pieces from Rogue Fitness or on hardware that you built yourself out of spare parts from someone’s junk pile.

What Kind of Training Do You Do?

We think Beachbody workouts are cool. We like Daily Burn and borrow from CrossFit as the mood suits us.  Our customers include obstacle course racers, yogis, polesport athletes and strongman competitors. We compete in powerlifting and triathlons but are impressed by people who have mastered their own bodyweight. You name it and one of our customers probably does it or might do it tomorrow.

Want to Join our Mission?

We don’t sponsor athletes but we love to tell the stories of our customers and how they are pursuing their goals through training at home. Send an email to us or tag us on Instagram using #garagegymlifeapparel with a photo of you wearing our gear to be featured on our blog and YouTube channel!